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Culture change needed?

By On July 5th, 2014

Culture change needed? Company culture needs to adapt as change swirls around an organisation. Once a leadership team has identified the change, culture change needs to follow. Case One: a company identifies it needs to be more customer focussed and steps are put in place to initiate that. Next comes changing the culture of the […]

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Two Steps to Better Communications

By On June 29th, 2014

Two Steps to Better Communications If you can’t get the relationship right, the business won’t flow. And most of us wrestle with getting the relationship comfortable and then productive… People at Wilkinson Group are familiar with the mantra, Care-Listen-Create-Delight, which in our experience is an almost certain path to positive relationships. But if that’s too esoteric, […]


“Go ‘til I say Stop!” – 8 digital leadership tips.

By On June 21st, 2014

‘Go ’til I say Stop!” We’ve passed the period when CEOs are questioning the value of a digital team. But are your digital practitioners still seen somewhat as aliens in the business; a bit like a third leg, or foreigners speaking a strange language? And are they pushing you to do the uncomfortable, like ‘post’ […]


MOOCs: Disruptive Innovation?  Or, do they fit into a university’s marketing plan?  

By On May 14th, 2014

There are at least two (opposing) views on whether or not MOOCs fit into a universities marketing plan. Here is an exchange on LinkedIn that captures both… Peter Wilkinson – MD of Wilkinson Group / Chair of Etched Communications I think almost all universities are so far suffering the same exquisitely painful dilemma: on one […]

Career change: Journo or PR?

Can journalists make the move to PR? 

By On April 24th, 2014

I’ve just been asked this and I wonder if it’s wise to be too prescriptive? I made the transition to the Dark-Side after 30+ yrs of journalism and ran a PR company for 12 years. It was a major adjustment; lots of mistakes mainly learning to manage PR staff and run a business. But eventually […]

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Four Fundamentals of a Good Relationship: Care-Listen-Create-Delight.

By On April 12th, 2014

This worked when I was a journalist, and it works as a communications professional: Care-Listen-Create-Delight. Care: understand the person first, then problem. Empathy. Walk in the person’s shoes for a period and get to understand at a deep level what motivates, personally and professionally. Do this by preparing the interview and then asking question after question […]

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Why some newspapers, televisions stations and universities will fail.

By On December 10th, 2013

We’ve all watched as video and book stores have vanished, and newspapers and  retailers have struggled with the transition to online commerce. The impact of globalisation and technology is so destructive in so many sectors that there are people now who have developed a career helping companies manage the change. Professor Clayton Christensen, of the […]

Declining TV audiences

Still watching TV news? Many are not: the decline of TV and the disruptive drift to mobile devices.

By On December 8th, 2013

US TV prime-time talk show host and news correspondent Katie Couric is leaving US ABC TV to join Yahoo as ‘global anchor’ and one of a team of senior journalists to beef up its News. While this is not big news in Australia, it heralds the next step in the ever-changing TV landscape that impacts […]


The new Coke Ad, its struggling anti-obesity campaign, and 3 steps for Change-Management

By On November 19th, 2013

It’s a brand problem. The Coke image, built on sugar over decades, is now way out of step with the fight against obesity, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. Same goes for many of the other food companies that built their empires before we got fat. “Because happiness doesn’t come in a red can. Obesity does” summarises […]

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The Wilkinson Group – Code of Conduct

By On October 1st, 2013

To guide the folks at Wilkinson Group we have a Code of Conduct that we, and our clients, sign up to when we start each project. It helps start us down the path of communication that creates trust. Code of Conduct – The Wilkinson Group:  Strives to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth […]